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Recycle your Tree
At our farm

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GPS Coordinates:
Lat: 121•34'06" HDOP 1.8
Long: 39•46'12"N


What's New
at the Farm

What's New at the Farm

High elevation Silver Tip firs are here.

All precut trees kept farm fresh in water. 

Table top spruce, holly and many cut your own farm trees of course!

Eco Statement

Is Your Tree GREEN?

One's business is not responsible if it is not sustainable

Keep your carbon footprint lighter by:

  • Eating locally grown foods, shop farmers and local markets
  • LED lights use a fraction of the energy of conventional lights
  • Travel less frequently and preplan trips to make several stops on a continuous route

Recycle your Tree

Bring your tree back to the Mountain View Christmas Tree Farm after the holidays and we will dispose of it for you. Just drop it at the entrance to the farm and we will take it from there or use another means to insure your tree is disposed of the Eco-Friendly way.

Carbon footprint of Christmas

An analysis of the carbon footprint of Christmas shows that consumption of items such as food, travel, lighting and gifts at Christmas produces as much as 650 kg (1430 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions per person--equal to 5.5% of our annual carbon footprint. Over Christmas the average person could produce as much as:

  • 26 kg of carbon dioxide from Christmas food
  • 96 kg of carbon dioxide from Christmas travel
  • 218 kg of carbon dioxide from extravagant lighting displays
  • 310 kg of carbon dioxide on Christmas shopping

Is your Christmas Tree GREEN?

Made of oil based plastics, and polyvinylchloride Real: NO Artificial: YES
Support life by absorbing carbon dioxide Real: YES Artificial: NO
Produce oxygen Real: YES Artificial: NO
Farm grown in the United States Real: YES Artificial: NO
Stabilize soil, protect water supplies Real: YES Artificial: NO
Provide refuge for wildlife Real: YES Artificial: NO
Create scenic green belts Real: YES Artificial: NO
Renewable crop Real: YES Artificial: NO
Washable Real: YES Artificial: NO
Fragrant Real: YES Artificial: NO
Manufactured in Asia Real: NO Artificial: YES
Require post holiday storage space Real: NO Artificial: YES
Remain in the landfill for centuries after disposal Real: NO Artificial: YES
Pre lighted options Real: NO Artificial: YES
Need watering Real: YES Artificial: NO
Century old traditional symbol of Christmas Real: YES Artificial: NO